House TV Site

Status: Complete
Date: Fall 2010
Technologies: Dreamweaver, HTML/CSS/XML, Javascript/Spry, Photoshop
Link: House TV Site

The House TV Site was a final project for a Webpage Design class at the University of St. Francis during the Fall semester of 2010. The class focus was to learn Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 and then to implement what all we learned into a final project that would be about a TV show. The purpose of the class was more focused on demonstrated good design then it was about coding and creating advanced features outside of the Dreamweaver GUI.

We were to demonstrate our knowledge by using the Dreamweaver GUI interface to create the TV show website. This included using the builtin Spry objects of Dreamweaver, which were prewritten Javascript objects. Through Dreamweaver automatically implemented the code, it took an enormous amount of tweaking to actually make it work and display correctly. Spry objects included Accordions, Tabs, and Menus.

Most of the photos were grabbed from different sources on the internet and then manipulated with Adobe Photoshop CS5 in order to fit into the site layout and to have detailed text content on top of the photos.