UREYE Studio

Status: Ongoing
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, HTML/CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Photoshop, Photography
Link Version 1: UREYE Studio v1
Link Version 2: UREYE Studio v2

Unrelenting Eye (UREYE) Studio was originally started as a project for a web programming class at the University of St. Francis in the Spring semester of 2010. The UREYE Studio website was made to represent and be a portfolio for Matt Nosbisch’s work in photography and web design. Version 1 of the UREYE Studio website was created almost completely during the duration of the class. Version 1 was fully functional, but was never fully completed with content. The content was for testing purposes and was still capable of effectively displaying the work done in photography and web design by Matt Nosbisch.

Version 2 of the UREYE Studio website came from the need to redesign the site and to complete the content for both photography and web design on the site. Since Version 1, Matt Nosbisch has completed a much greater amount of work in photography and web design and also needed to change the website layout from Version 1 to contain the new content. The redesign of UREYE Studio site created a better user interface for displaying the work and used taxonomy to recategorize the website to make it easier to navigate.